Sunday, January 16, 2011

move one step forward ..

chaos created..
the WHOLE week is about NOTHING to me
everything seems to be indifferent
with those GUYS and GIRLS around
some make me happy
and some NOT

confuse with what i feel
that is the correct phrase that i can share with
someone arrogant with his/her life 
start to make me sad
everything is about other life 
somehow make me lost 
on what really i want to find in my own life

heyh PEOPLE!!
im also a GOOD listener ..
i heard others but not MINE

back on track:
i really have to do something
try to make my life more interesting
drafting some passion
perhaps focusing on something

go IKAN .. :)

1 comment:

mizzbutterfly said...

oit...heheheh itu la ;life kan :) good luckzzz