Friday, February 25, 2011

Im a fashion designer?

heys peeps 
im just tryin' my skill
its too long too wait on this
long time with no drawing ..

im tryin' to put lot of effort 
tryin' to make a collection 
basically the ideas come from atlantis inspiration 
seaweed, wave and the splashing of the water 
shining from the pearls 
fish fins

wish me luck !!
i <3 drawing 
wait the upcoming sketch yeah?

this totally my ideas for dinner 


till next BOO-bubbling, bubye 


Rozuan Ismail said...

u should be a fashion designer but with biology's heart..put some accessories on algae,lichen or bryophyte, it will be more interesting and unique,,

trex kiut said...

wowww its u hafiz!!
ko design fashion muslimah ek..
<3 it!!