Sunday, March 6, 2011

fashion: permintaan si R .. sneakers sneek

familiar dengan sneakers?
toww x? 

: ape kebende nyea tue yopp?

: ate mengkome..cerr bawok bersabor sikit, keme blom2 nyempat bukok mulot.neke da bertanya

: iye lerr.. 

*heyh.. im perakian + from kuale kangsor
no wonder im a lil bit sound like usop slank 
mybe behaviour too.. i tot haha..

haha.. u r so " hot mama " now usop 

wonder how usop say uols?
kompem.. haha

forget it.
we have an entry to complete with

yarhh sneakers? knoe it?
sneakers is a kind of shoes
yea.. shoes?
kann adr supra, loafer, flat, heels
dan sneakers pomm adr laoeh kind of shoes jugak 

slimm look 
and comfort 

and the strings too ..
really atracting 

here the samples:
*i adr kad oke cik google, i gne pic u kijap2 yea..

kiut . nk yang nie

selalu nyea sneakers amat sinonim dgn skinny 
and then find a few over-sized shirt 
try to match them
so well in  mix rite?
just like what the R did..
so stylish .. 
disappear ..


Rozuan Ismail said...

oo..so hot si R tu ye,,just like his big bumper..hoho..nice info about sneakers..

ikan said...

too hot too compare
nott so many people have tht kind of bumper now..
haha ..