Monday, March 14, 2011

perlu ke berterusan sdeyh?

urghh .. 
masalah yang sama 
kenapa dan mesti ke ada ?
hurghh ..
seriusly, i dun have heart on this on this anymore 
apa orang nk kata da langsung x aku makan saman ..
pedulikannya ieye ..? 

hurghh ..
why the thesis procedure so give a burden to me ..?
not so satisfy with the improper procedure 
*ya allah.. i really need the strength on this 
aku hanya berserah kepadaMu 
jika itu ketentuanMU, aku akan usahakannya sehabis baik mungkin

biggie, mega project 
one thing i tot
how come people keep on talking about me 
blame..? yess plis
uols can have it
but i remind here, im also a person 
my patient have limit too

mybe im used to be that kind of "hafiz"
its all about time, i notice 
i will fight for these..
pliss dun have that kind of LOOK on me ..
pity others, does'nt mean u dont look into my chores here
i did my best, but PEOPLE think it worst ..
fine .. 

wake up 
its not time for sadness ..

remember people 
i dont ask me to be like this 
but u born the new me ..

till next BOO-bubbling ..


ayie said...

xbaik sedih lelama..nnt kemurungan nnt ssh

ikan said...

ayie: hehe .. mana xcdeyh nyea .. bnyk mslh :(